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old-games-second-imageThere are games that have survived many thousands of years and have been played throughout the ages. At first these games evolved from the need to teach the young to survive, how to hide, how to hunt and how to fight.

Many games that were created in the past are still played to the present day and some have turned into international games where people and teams from all over the world will compete in major events.

Chess is a game that has been played for thousands of years; there may be rules and regulations that have changed but the idea of taking the King is still the same. How the chess pieces looked hundreds of years ago, may be different from those of today.

Chess, after all, is a game of strategies and tactics which is something still being used today in many computer and online games. Games such as cards have also been around for many years and have been used to predict the future or for the sake of entertainment.

Though there are many different ways for you to use cards, in the end, the method of using the cards is still for pleasure or gambling as it has been over the centuries.

old-games-third-imageAs you can see many of these games that have been around for centuries are still relevant to the present day in the technological world that we now live. Many games such as cards or darts can be useful for educational purposes to help improve mathematics and coordination.

Other games to develop the mind or to understand strategies but most important of all to give pleasure to millions of people of all ages.

There have been a lot of changes in the world and games are just a part of it, but you have to understand how much games have evolved and also improved so many people’s life’s.

You have to understand that games throughout the ages, have only survived because it can help stimulate our brains and can change our lives. Don’t think that games are just a waste of time as they have improved so many people’s life’s in different ways and even provide a living for a great many people.

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left-side-post-imageEvery gamer knows that a PC can lose its power as time passes. Every experienced player knows how to refresh their computer and turn it back to its former state. Now, only experienced people know how to do this, while others know only how to complain about the lack of power in their PCs.

The second group of individuals tends to spend money on new parts so they could make their computers better. They also tend to pay people to do this type of work for them, which is in reality just a waste of time.

If you want to avoid spending money on new parts, or people who will do that instead of you, then read this article.


It’s all about keeping your PC up to date

Keeping the drivers and other parts of the PC updated.  The first step is to update the GPU drivers. These drivers determine the maximum possible output of your hardware. Every manufacturer has regular updates that you should install. They will provide a better experience and more strength out of the parts you have.

Next step is to customize graphic settings. To do this, you will have to use either AMD Gaming Evolved or GeForce Experience, depending on the type of graphic card you use. This software optimizes the settings in the games to bring you the best possible experience from them. This software is free, and it usually comes with the graphic card. You can also download it for free from their respective sites.

The fastest way to make your PC faster is to defragment the HDD. This will increase their speed as well as lifespan. So why should you defragment the hard disk? Well, after a while the data on the hard drive becomes disorganized.

After a couple of months the hard drive will slow down, and you have to defragment it. This process organizes the data and increases the speed of the HDD. You will also notice that it clears a bit of space from the HDD. This happens because the fragmentation deletes unnecessary data left from deleted files.


second-image-for-postAlternative ways to make your PC better

You may have noticed that some games perform poorly on PCs even though the machines have enough strength to run them. This happens to games that are primarily developed for consoles. They lack the optimization that would utilize the full extent of the PC.

The easiest way to correct this flaw is to use User Mods. These mods are the creations of gamers who know more about programming. They can range from simple graphic corrections to the game up to the full overhauls of the game.

Another easy way to try and speed up your PC is to “kill” all programs that run in the background. You can do this through Task Manager. Instead of going on the programs page you should go straight to processes and check what runs in the background. Some programs will slow down your PC, and they will not be available in the programs list. Shut them down from “processes” list, and you will immediately notice the difference it makes.


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image-oneA quality sound in modern games is an absolute necessity, but it is not easy to pick the right model.

That is especially true if you are looking for a Playstation 4 dedicated model, enriched with additional functions.

You can, off course, use some PC designed models, but be sure to check compatibility and detailed specifications. If you can afford it, the best option is to buy a headset that is actually made for Playstation 4.

When you are looking for a new headset, focus on functionality, not on some extravagant design, detachable microphones, optional cables or unnecessary accessories that you will never need.

Pay attention to the most important features, response and fidelity, battery life, ear cups and connectivity.

Option #1: Turtle Beach Ear Force Elite 800X

If you are looking for the ideal multiplayer headset with great mic features and chat boost, Turtle Beach may be the ideal headset that should serve the purpose. With a price of $273 and 10 hours battery life, it offers stability with a PlayStation 4-friendly format and 7.1 surround sound options.

Turtle Beach include automatic noise cancellation and noise reduction with several audio features that are brilliant for intense multiplayer sessions and raids. That is especially focused on chat boost that is able to raise the level of a sound, so you will never miss an important command again.

image-3rdOption #2: PlayStation Gold Headset

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset offers a great sound for PlayStation 4 games; it is very affordable with a realistic price of $80, so you should consider this model for your next purchase.

Most of the best gaming headset choices are coming with a price of $150-$200$, therefore low price is a good reason for buying this model.

Do not think that low price means low quality, when it is about PlayStation Gold Headsets we may say that the opposite is true as this model comes with top end settings like chatting noise cancellation or natural 7.1 surround sound.

It is almost unbelievable that such features are delivered at such a really low price, but who can make the ideal headset for PlayStation 4 if not Sony itself?

Option #3: Katana HD 7.1

The Mad Catz Tritton is one of the best gaming headsets around with crystal clear sound and HDMiI based wireless connection. A High sound quality is definitely the primary motive for this model, combined with detachable microphone and comfortable usage.

HDMI connection is designed to give the Mad Catz Tritton even better sound clarity and you will be amazed with the quality of a sound. Other features are also thrilling, a long lasting 25 hour battery and detachable microphone that pops right off when you don’t need it are strong reasons that should convince you to buy this model as your ideal PlayStation 4 Headset.

Virtual surround sound or 7.1 surround sound is a very important aspect as it enables you to determine the actual source, which makes a huge difference in intensive multiplayer sessions. 

Those were our top three picks for an ideal PlayStation 4 Headset. Do not forget to look for PS4 specialized features as such headsets are specially made to play much better with PlayStation 4 games.

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firstAn abundance of options is often a good thing, but sometimes it can present a problem since it can be difficult to choose only one option and to find the best solution.

Such is the case with the huge range of laptop computers on the global technological market, and these devices nowadays literally come in all shapes and sizes.

So many options can be overwhelming and confusing, and it is easy to make a mistake and throw away a couple of hundreds of dollars on a computer that will not suit your needs in the best possible way.

However, if customers do a little research before buying and if they read a few reviews, they will be able to make an informed decision, and the laptop they buy will serve them faithfully for years to come

Before you start looking into the specifications and performance of a laptop, you should always question yourself and determine what you really need from your laptop. Laptops can be very versatile, and they can satisfy your gaming aspirations or your multimedia needs, and the majority of them will offer valuable assistance in your professional or private life.

But, each one of these areas comes with different requirements, and some of them need a bigger display, others require longer battery life, and so on. That is why choosing the perfect laptop is entirely personal, and no universal formula will land the most suitable device right into your lap or onto your working desk.

When it comes to software, the battle between Apple and Microsoft has marked the field of laptops as well, so clients can basically make a choice only between these two options.

The differences are not that significant, as some would want you to believe, but the marketing campaigns of these two technological powerhouses will probably influence your decision, and you will join “the army” of one them.

second laptop imageHowever, the operating system is not the most significant segment of your laptop, and the perfect machine should be equipped with top-notch components.

The processor is the “brains” of the computer, and a speedy processor can accelerate the responsiveness of the operating system. If your need speed, a lot of RAM is imperative, and modern laptops come with minimum 2 GB of memory.

Of course, more RAM means a faster laptop, and you should try to invest as much as possible in this component. The hard drive is important for storage, but unless your profession requires a great amount of data – you will be fine with a hard drive that can store 500 GB of data. Also, “old” SATA drives are now being replaced by modern and super-efficient SSD (solid state) drives, which are extremely fast, but also a bit more expensive than the traditional hard drives.

Graphics unit and display size will affect your gaming the most, but they can be important in some other uses of the machine so buyers should take this into consideration when buying a new portable computer. Additionally, extras such as Wireless, camera, ports, or a docking station are worth investigating, so that you can buy the perfect laptop in the end.

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Fallout 4 New DLC- Automaton

Fallout 4 New DLC- Automaton

Posted By on Jul 20, 2016

So you’ve played Fallout 4 and all previous parts of the game, including Fallout 1,2,3 and all of the DLC’s and expansion packs available out there. Now that you have finished Fallout 4 you need more, as you are itching for additional post-apocalyptic action.

Well, there is some great news for all hardcore Fallout fans as there is a new DLC announced as well as one that is already released called Automatron. So let’s talk about this new DLC, what is offers and what can be expected.

first img

New Troubles for the Commonwealth.

The story starts when the Commonwealth is troubled again, with mysterious robots emerging that are pillaging commonwealth’s citizens. It appears that Automatron, the mysterious antagonist that commands a huge number of robots, with his army starts something that might be described as a robot revolution. The story of the DLC starts when on your random encounters in Commonwealth you meet Ada.

She is a robot that is leading a battle against Automatron, and at the time of your encounter with her, she is being attacked by his robot henchman. They are tough to kill, and present a decent opponent even for the most experienced and high-leveled characters.

Automatron’s Mission.

What he is trying to achieve is to eradicate all human life, as well as any robot and creature-like companion that you have with you fighting for the good cause. The reason behind his mission is entirely unknown. That is for the player to find out as he ventures deeper into Automatron’s lair.

As we can only imagine, the cause could be a betrayal from his human master that he once had and is probably dismembered by now, or just a malfunction occurred in his mainframe that as a result makes him go frenzy killing everything that stands in his path.

There were many cases of mad robots, that only seek destruction and chaos, but they were all a minor threat to the player compared to this particular robot who proves to be a worthy adversary.

img 2Where is this huge army coming from?

It appears that this new villain has acquired a great number of robots to make his army a serious challenge for every outpost in the world of Fallout 4.

What was revealed from the trailer, implies that by scavenging metal parts, robot limbs, and essential components he was able to assemble a vast number of highly customized robots with devastating weapons. The main add-on or advantage of this DLC is that you get your highly upgradable robot companion.

The DLC of the original game is available from March 22nd for PC, PS 4 and Xbox One. You will be able to import your old save game and continue from the point where you finished the game, so you will have all items, armor, junk, and accessories at your disposal to use in the war against this relatively unknown and new threat for the people living in post-apocalyptic areas of Commonwealth.


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first imagePlaying DomiNations is not only extremely good fun but it is borderline addictive! If you are ready to play this awesome game you must also know that there are a few tricks that might help you become an overnight success at playing DomiNations!

Namely, there are a couple of DomiNations tricks I might be able to teach you, which will help you win a huge number of games! If you are ready to learn more about it, make sure that you read on and implement some or all of these tips!

The Latest Release

Even though the last DomiNations hack was so successful, we have devised a new hack and we are hoping that it will blow your mind! The very fact that you are here today now reading this article, means that you definitely enjoy playing the game and that you would like to continue playing it in the future.

Well, that of course is completely understandable taking into consideration that the game is amazing, and that it offers hours of absolute fun! If, however, you would like to feel like a professional player, try using modded DomiNations.

This way you can not only enjoy playing the game, but also you will get unlimited amounts of Crowns, Golds and Foods that will be at your disposal. This DomiNations cheat will work perfect on all Android OS devices and it will even work on different operating system versions, but I would encourage you not to take my word for it, but rather try it out for yourself and see for yourself how amazingly superb it is!


photo 2 for postDomiNations Cheat Tool

DomiNations requires a great deal of micro-management, which is precisely what attracts many fans to the game. If you enjoyed playing CoC, you will definitely enjoy playing DomiNations, because it requires the same skills and basically relies on many similar elements.

In addition to that, DomiNations also has an amazing design and it is possibly even more addictive! If you manage to achieve success in different missions, such as building a market or developing a mine, you will be provided with the means of the game currency which is Crowns.

Crowns will help you move along in the game and it will make the game much more fun to play. The DomiNations tool however, can give you access to unlimited Crowns! This is why I would definitely recommend you to use this DomiNations Hack in order to have fun playing this awesome game in the future as well!

How to Get Unlimited Crowns, Golds & Foods

In order to use a dominate in DomiNations you have to get the Dominations hack tool online installed on your device and perhaps even patched. This however, will help you enjoy the game without the stress of losing or acquiring the Crowns or Golds in order to progress in the game.

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History of gaming image 1Gaming, as we know it today, started just a couple of decades ago, but games have been around ever since the dawn of humanity, even at the earliest stages of our development, the human race was using games to “kill some time” and find entertainment in moments of boredom.

Ancient civilizations left traces of all kinds of games that they played in their free time, and the games have evolved over the years, along with the human race.

However, it took a while before we reached the stage where electronic video games were invented, and this happened somewhere around the middle of last century.

This means that gaming is a relatively young activity, but this phenomenon is growing at an astonishing rate, and we can only wait to see what will become of today’s gaming, and how it will all look like in the future.

As we already said, video games started to appear by the middle of last century, and in the 1940s and 50s, computers were powerful enough to offer the most simple ways of gaming.

By today’s standards, those programs could hardly be called games at all, but they were the predecessors of what came later, and those early puzzle games are considered the ancestors of modern video games.

Entertainment was not a priority for the computers of that era, and scientific research and serious operations were the dominant purpose of those enormous machines.

However, by 1960s, things began to change, slowly but surely, and in 1962, Steve Russell from MIT created a game called “Spacewar!”. A few years later, and in 1967 came the first system for home gaming, called the “Brown Box.”

Ralph Baer, a well-known name in the world of software and video games, created this machine, and it can be said that this is the ancestor of modern gaming consoles. Other people quickly saw the potential of this invention, and Nolan Bushnell, also one of the founding fathers of modern gaming, started a company called Atari.

Atari is an important company in the history of gaming since their console called Atari 2600 and games such as “Pong” or “Space Invaders” have left a significant mark on the face of popular culture during the 1970s and 80s.

Image 2Arcade gaming also marked the next decade, but the appearance of personal computers, like Macintosh, Apple II or Commodore 64 were also important for the evolution of gaming.

Having a computer at home changed the way we play games, and the 1990s further enabled us to be active gamers from the comfort of our home. Windows 95 and the Internet connected the world in one giant gaming room, and super-advanced consoles, such as Play Station or Xbox are present to this day.

Nintendo and Sega were also highly active in the 1990s and at the start of 2000s, but smartphones and tablets are now threatening to push even the gaming consoles out of the race, and be the only means by which we entertain ourselves and play our favorite video games.

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Main imageMillions of people all over the world are enjoying Bike Race, and this simple but effective mobile game is so attractive and addictive that they always come back to “have just one more try”.

This repetitive nature is the key to success in the gaming world, and even the simplest of titles can be a huge success if they find a way to make the players come back as often as possible.

However, Bike Race is not an easy game to play, and its sensitive controls and bike’s movements are making the game hard for beginners and players who do not have enough free time to invest in the learning of tracks and having numerous attempts.

The demanding nature of the game is where Bike Race Cheat tool steps onto the scene, and this helpful addition can save you from a lot of frustration and failed attempts.

It comes free of all viruses and bugs, which means that it is entirely safe to use this little program on your device. The advantages of using the cheat include the unlimited access to all tracks and bikes, as well as certain improvements when it comes to the multiplayer mode.

All in all, you can become a fierce rider in the eyes of your friends if you use this hack, and they will certainly envy your skills as you make many wheelies, back flips, fronts flips, and other similar stunts and acrobatic movements.

time limit on game imageBike Race is created by a studio called Top Free Games, and this game is one of their biggest accomplishments, so far.

The game is based on a very simple and straightforward idea – you control the rider who needs to navigate the track in a certain amount of time.

However, not everything is so simple, and the roads are filled with jumps, hoops, and obstacles, which means that you have to be very familiar with that particular track to avoid barriers and reach the finish line within the required time limit.

Controls are simple but highly sensitive, and you can accelerate your motorbike by pressing on the right portion of the display while braking is done by pushing the left side of the screen.

Touch commands are combined with tilt controls, and by tilting your mobile phone your bike will react in a certain way.

The game is visually very attractive, but the sound effects are not top-notch, to be honest. The engine sound coming from the motorcycle could be a little bit better, which will certainly be improved in the upcoming versions of the game.

Visuals are good since there are four possible worlds, and every one of them has eight separate stages. This abundance of themes means that you can ride your bike through various areas of the world, and every single one of them will attract your attention with colorful and creative features and elements.

Playing against you friends can bring you so much fun, and Bike Race will certainly make you come back for more. The game is very difficult as we said, but you can solve that by using above-mentioned Bike Race Hack here:

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