The Best PC Keyboards Of 2016

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What Keyboard - image 1Ah, keyboards! We are so attached to this device; it is like an extension to our hands! If your prehistoric keyboard is slowing you down, or you are not satisfied with your primitive keyboard that does not fit in the realm of modern MMO games, then it is the right time to get a new keyboard.

But, such a simple decision may become a real nightmare if you do not know what you want in from the variety of models and specifications available.

Before you start your keyboard research journey, consider your connectivity options. Is plug and play USB connection acceptable for your needs, or it is time for a wireless keyboard?

Give me freedom – Logitech K480

If you are sick of cable mess on your desk and you want more space, you should consider buying Logitech K480 keyboard. It transmits data through Bluetooth or RF connection, in any case you will finally be free from infinite cables on your working desk.

Logitech K480 connects at standard 2.4 GHz frequency via a small USB dongle that is actually the link to your computer. You can also use one adapter for multiple keyboards, while a Bluetooth option would leave a USB port free.


Colorful Corsair K95 RGB

Here is something new – Corsair K95 RGB enables you to set every key to glow in any color! The actual backlight is individual, so it is possible to set a different hue for each key. The construction is solid, but also very comfortable with soft edges.

You will find all basic elements like function keys, letters and numbers, but you will also find specific media keys, nice volume control roller and several programmable macro keys specially designed for serious gamers. Still, the customizable backlighting is the recognizable feature of this model, so if you like technical novelties, Corsair K95 RGB may be your ideal keyboard.

Roll up my keyboard – iClever

An iClever keyboard is much more than an ordinary typing device; it is a foldable, portable piece of art. If you need a multipurpose keyboard, iClever is really a smart choice capable of working on iOS, Windows or Android platforms. It has impressive battery life and a low $49.99 price that is very competitive.

However, this model comes with few a issues, common for compact keyboards. You will need some time to accommodate yourself to narrow keys and pressure resistance, but after initial practice you will be able to type as fast as on any regular size keyboard.

Play My Game – Roccat Ryos MK Pro

The gaming peripheral market is very demanding, but Roccat brings unique features with the Ryos MK Pro Keyboard that is really impressive. It has zillions of customizable options, individual key backlighting and high quality built-in features for setting up your ideal gaming keyboard.

The mixture of built-in features, rock-hard construction, and almost unlimited customization options makes Roccat Ryos MK Pro Keyboard the best gaming keyboard to date. If you are a passionate gamer, do not hesitate – Roccat Ryos MK Pro will serve all your adventurous needs.

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