Fallout 4 New DLC- Automaton

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So you’ve played Fallout 4 and all previous parts of the game, including Fallout 1,2,3 and all of the DLC’s and expansion packs available out there. Now that you have finished Fallout 4 you need more, as you are itching for additional post-apocalyptic action.

Well, there is some great news for all hardcore Fallout fans as there is a new DLC announced as well as one that is already released called Automatron. So let’s talk about this new DLC, what is offers and what can be expected.

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New Troubles for the Commonwealth.

The story starts when the Commonwealth is troubled again, with mysterious robots emerging that are pillaging commonwealth’s citizens. It appears that Automatron, the mysterious antagonist that commands a huge number of robots, with his army starts something that might be described as a robot revolution. The story of the DLC starts when on your random encounters in Commonwealth you meet Ada.

She is a robot that is leading a battle against Automatron, and at the time of your encounter with her, she is being attacked by his robot henchman. They are tough to kill, and present a decent opponent even for the most experienced and high-leveled characters.

Automatron’s Mission.

What he is trying to achieve is to eradicate all human life, as well as any robot and creature-like companion that you have with you fighting for the good cause. The reason behind his mission is entirely unknown. That is for the player to find out as he ventures deeper into Automatron’s lair.

As we can only imagine, the cause could be a betrayal from his human master that he once had and is probably dismembered by now, or just a malfunction occurred in his mainframe that as a result makes him go frenzy killing everything that stands in his path.

There were many cases of mad robots, that only seek destruction and chaos, but they were all a minor threat to the player compared to this particular robot who proves to be a worthy adversary.

img 2Where is this huge army coming from?

It appears that this new villain has acquired a great number of robots to make his army a serious challenge for every outpost in the world of Fallout 4.

What was revealed from the trailer, implies that by scavenging metal parts, robot limbs, and essential components he was able to assemble a vast number of highly customized robots with devastating weapons. The main add-on or advantage of this DLC is that you get your highly upgradable robot companion.

The DLC of the original game is available from March 22nd for PC, PS 4 and Xbox One. You will be able to import your old save game and continue from the point where you finished the game, so you will have all items, armor, junk, and accessories at your disposal to use in the war against this relatively unknown and new threat for the people living in post-apocalyptic areas of Commonwealth.


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