How to choose the best PlayStation 4 Headset?

Posted By on Sep 14, 2016 |

image-oneA quality sound in modern games is an absolute necessity, but it is not easy to pick the right model.

That is especially true if you are looking for a Playstation 4 dedicated model, enriched with additional functions.

You can, off course, use some PC designed models, but be sure to check compatibility and detailed specifications. If you can afford it, the best option is to buy a headset that is actually made for Playstation 4.

When you are looking for a new headset, focus on functionality, not on some extravagant design, detachable microphones, optional cables or unnecessary accessories that you will never need.

Pay attention to the most important features, response and fidelity, battery life, ear cups and connectivity.

Option #1: Turtle Beach Ear Force Elite 800X

If you are looking for the ideal multiplayer headset with great mic features and chat boost, Turtle Beach may be the ideal headset that should serve the purpose. With a price of $273 and 10 hours battery life, it offers stability with a PlayStation 4-friendly format and 7.1 surround sound options.

Turtle Beach include automatic noise cancellation and noise reduction with several audio features that are brilliant for intense multiplayer sessions and raids. That is especially focused on chat boost that is able to raise the level of a sound, so you will never miss an important command again.

image-3rdOption #2: PlayStation Gold Headset

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset offers a great sound for PlayStation 4 games; it is very affordable with a realistic price of $80, so you should consider this model for your next purchase.

Most of the best gaming headset choices are coming with a price of $150-$200$, therefore low price is a good reason for buying this model.

Do not think that low price means low quality, when it is about PlayStation Gold Headsets we may say that the opposite is true as this model comes with top end settings like chatting noise cancellation or natural 7.1 surround sound.

It is almost unbelievable that such features are delivered at such a really low price, but who can make the ideal headset for PlayStation 4 if not Sony itself?

Option #3: Katana HD 7.1

The Mad Catz Tritton is one of the best gaming headsets around with crystal clear sound and HDMiI based wireless connection. A High sound quality is definitely the primary motive for this model, combined with detachable microphone and comfortable usage.

HDMI connection is designed to give the Mad Catz Tritton even better sound clarity and you will be amazed with the quality of a sound. Other features are also thrilling, a long lasting 25 hour battery and detachable microphone that pops right off when you don’t need it are strong reasons that should convince you to buy this model as your ideal PlayStation 4 Headset.

Virtual surround sound or 7.1 surround sound is a very important aspect as it enables you to determine the actual source, which makes a huge difference in intensive multiplayer sessions. 

Those were our top three picks for an ideal PlayStation 4 Headset. Do not forget to look for PS4 specialized features as such headsets are specially made to play much better with PlayStation 4 games.

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