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Main imageMillions of people all over the world are enjoying Bike Race, and this simple but effective mobile game is so attractive and addictive that they always come back to “have just one more try”.

This repetitive nature is the key to success in the gaming world, and even the simplest of titles can be a huge success if they find a way to make the players come back as often as possible.

However, Bike Race is not an easy game to play, and its sensitive controls and bike’s movements are making the game hard for beginners and players who do not have enough free time to invest in the learning of tracks and having numerous attempts.

The demanding nature of the game is where Bike Race Cheat tool steps onto the scene, and this helpful addition can save you from a lot of frustration and failed attempts.

It comes free of all viruses and bugs, which means that it is entirely safe to use this little program on your device. The advantages of using the cheat include the unlimited access to all tracks and bikes, as well as certain improvements when it comes to the multiplayer mode.

All in all, you can become a fierce rider in the eyes of your friends if you use this hack, and they will certainly envy your skills as you make many wheelies, back flips, fronts flips, and other similar stunts and acrobatic movements.

time limit on game imageBike Race is created by a studio called Top Free Games, and this game is one of their biggest accomplishments, so far.

The game is based on a very simple and straightforward idea – you control the rider who needs to navigate the track in a certain amount of time.

However, not everything is so simple, and the roads are filled with jumps, hoops, and obstacles, which means that you have to be very familiar with that particular track to avoid barriers and reach the finish line within the required time limit.

Controls are simple but highly sensitive, and you can accelerate your motorbike by pressing on the right portion of the display while braking is done by pushing the left side of the screen.

Touch commands are combined with tilt controls, and by tilting your mobile phone your bike will react in a certain way.

The game is visually very attractive, but the sound effects are not top-notch, to be honest. The engine sound coming from the motorcycle could be a little bit better, which will certainly be improved in the upcoming versions of the game.

Visuals are good since there are four possible worlds, and every one of them has eight separate stages. This abundance of themes means that you can ride your bike through various areas of the world, and every single one of them will attract your attention with colorful and creative features and elements.

Playing against you friends can bring you so much fun, and Bike Race will certainly make you come back for more. The game is very difficult as we said, but you can solve that by using above-mentioned Bike Race Hack here:

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