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left-side-post-imageEvery gamer knows that a PC can lose its power as time passes. Every experienced player knows how to refresh their computer and turn it back to its former state. Now, only experienced people know how to do this, while others know only how to complain about the lack of power in their PCs.

The second group of individuals tends to spend money on new parts so they could make their computers better. They also tend to pay people to do this type of work for them, which is in reality just a waste of time.

If you want to avoid spending money on new parts, or people who will do that instead of you, then read this article.


It’s all about keeping your PC up to date

Keeping the drivers and other parts of the PC updated.  The first step is to update the GPU drivers. These drivers determine the maximum possible output of your hardware. Every manufacturer has regular updates that you should install. They will provide a better experience and more strength out of the parts you have.

Next step is to customize graphic settings. To do this, you will have to use either AMD Gaming Evolved or GeForce Experience, depending on the type of graphic card you use. This software optimizes the settings in the games to bring you the best possible experience from them. This software is free, and it usually comes with the graphic card. You can also download it for free from their respective sites.

The fastest way to make your PC faster is to defragment the HDD. This will increase their speed as well as lifespan. So why should you defragment the hard disk? Well, after a while the data on the hard drive becomes disorganized.

After a couple of months the hard drive will slow down, and you have to defragment it. This process organizes the data and increases the speed of the HDD. You will also notice that it clears a bit of space from the HDD. This happens because the fragmentation deletes unnecessary data left from deleted files.


second-image-for-postAlternative ways to make your PC better

You may have noticed that some games perform poorly on PCs even though the machines have enough strength to run them. This happens to games that are primarily developed for consoles. They lack the optimization that would utilize the full extent of the PC.

The easiest way to correct this flaw is to use User Mods. These mods are the creations of gamers who know more about programming. They can range from simple graphic corrections to the game up to the full overhauls of the game.

Another easy way to try and speed up your PC is to “kill” all programs that run in the background. You can do this through Task Manager. Instead of going on the programs page you should go straight to processes and check what runs in the background. Some programs will slow down your PC, and they will not be available in the programs list. Shut them down from “processes” list, and you will immediately notice the difference it makes.


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